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Joint venture between The Emerald Group signed with Greenland International Hotel Group


Greenland International Hotels Group has signed two overseas export management projects

Shanghai, China-July 30, 2018

The successful signing of the Greenland International Hotel Management Group in 2017, the Primus Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the Primus Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, reflects the continued progress of a business model known as the “Asset Light”.

Recently, the Greenland International Hotels Group signed two overseas brand export management projects; i.e. the QUBE Resort in Phuket, Thailand and the QUBE Serviced Apartment in Vientiane, the  Laos People’s Democratic Republic.

The QUBE Resort, Phuket, Thailand is located on a private area of the Kamala Beach in Phuket, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. The resort consists of 200 single villas.

The hotel is equipped with a five-star facility standard; for example, swimming pools, gyms, fitness centers and restaurants. It is considered a uniquely luxurious stylish resort in Phuket. Upon completion, this holiday spot will provide comprehensive vacation for visitors from all over the world.

the QUBE Serviced Apartment in Vientiane, Laos is located in the area of That-Luang Lake which is the  Specific Economic Zone of Vientiane City, only 2 kms. from the Municipal Government Prime Minister’s Office, 6 kms. from the airport, and 3 km from the Black Stupa (PraThat Dam).

This hotel project does not only serve as a gateway to the east-west city, but has also been designed as the city headquarters, including finance, commerce, residence, entertainment complex, etc. In addition, this project will be supplemented by medical services, centers of cultures, education and religion.

Civil works of the QUBE Serviced Apartment in Laos are reported to have been completed. Its interior design of 25,000 square meters and approximately 250 rooms is now in progress.

“With the rapid development of the self-operated brand of the Greenland Hotels Group, we have chosen to focus on the Asset Light Model in order to enhance the hotel operations management capability, and to accelerate the management output of our own hotel brand. We strive to establish the international competitive advantage and market position of Chinese hotel brands for consumers’ wider choices both in China and around the world.

Mr. Li Rui Zhong, the general manager of Greenland International Hotels Group said, “As a global investment company with a 500 plus worldwide diversified company, hotel operations have become a significant aspect of the Group.  It is one of our key strategies in enhancing the real estate development.  This signing of two overseas projects has marked the steady development of the Greenland International Hotel Management Group in overseas markets. We will give full play of our resource advantages to enable the hotel projects to maximize their revenue and establish a good market reputation.  All these will lay a solid foundation for the hotel development.  The Platinum Hotel project will eventually lead to our mutual benefits and development among the company owners.”

About the QUBE Hotel

In running the hotel company group, the QUBE brand is positioned to be a mid to high-end business hotel level under the Greenland International Hotel Management Group. Founded in 2012, the QUBE Hotel aims at the pleasure of young business people by providing them with a diversity of entertainment and leisure along with the compatibility of life and work.

The characteristics of the QUBE brand are diverse and innovative. Its overall design will tend to be the front end of fashion, combined with the functional value of modern technology. Together with the surrounding shopping and entertainment resources, the hotel will help guests to eliminate the fatigue of their work journey and to realize the desire of business people to socialize and relax.

About Greenland International Hotel Management Group

The Greenland International Hotels Group is one of the 500-owned subsidiaries of Greenland Group. As a comprehensive industrial group, GIHG is responsible for its overall hotel operations, management and development, with a solid capital background, vision for internationalization and the establishment of strategic partnerships with famous international and local hotel management companies.

After Greenland International Hotels Group was formally established, in 2012, it launched their own-branded hotel as PRIMUS(铂瑞), The QUBE(铂骊), the “QUBE-Q Hotel (铂骊Q酒店)”, and the launched of the QUBE-Q Hotel in 2016.   In the first quarter of 2018, the “Bopai-Q-Box” hotel brand was unveiled.

At present, as one of the largest hotel property holders and management operators in China, the Greenland International Hotel Management Group has adopted two management models: 1) combining its own hotel brand management, and 2) using external commission management.  As of 2017, more than 110 investment projects including those of hotel management have been spreading across 54 cities in 8 countries and projects.

In the future, the Greenland Hotels Group will export its own management brand as its core business.  With its good profit return, professional management team and broad development platform, it is expected to become a world-class well-known hotel management company. By 2020, the number of hotels to be managed worldwide should exceed 200 with the number of rooms of more than 50,000.  The hotel assets is hoped to exceed 80 billion Yuan.



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